About Us

Based in Hertfordshire, we have been a technology services organisation since 2001 offering our technical services to small and medium size organizations. We offer computer repairs, data recovery, IT support, on-line and on-site backups, support to email services with Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps for Business and Office 365. 

Because we believe that the line between “partners and “clients” is a fine one, we are in the business of trust and long term relationships. We are proud of our work and we are accountable for what we do.

What our clients say

"A reliable support team. A team that we can work with with all our requirements"

Mr. Chiringa
Essex Logistics Ltd

Offer of the Month

  • Choosing a competitive business call tariff or inclusive bundle package will no doubt reduce your monthly outgoings. We even make it our business to constantly optimise your tariffs during mid-contract or if your moving office. Not only will you experience premium call quality but benefit from a fixed service that is rigorously and proactively managed with bespoke tariffing and a simple set up process