Solution to the Disappearing Bullet Points in Microsoft Outlook

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Solution to the disappearing bullet points in Microsoft Outlook when using second-level numbered or multi-level lists. 


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What we call multi-level lists, nested bullet points or second-level numbered bullets disappear in Microsoft Outlook when you either copy your own email address or open the sent email from your Sent Items folder.


In Microsoft Outlook when we create a new message using a multi-level bullet list and send it to our email address or we open the sent email, the second-level bullet is not displayed.


Here is a basic example:


1.  Bullet list example


a. Second-level example


When you open the email you sent to your own email address or open the email from your Sent Items folder, the indented list or second level bullets are not displayed as in this example:


1.  Bullet list example


 Second-level example


To resolve the issue we need to use the Normal style for bulleted or number lists with the Microsoft Editor Options.


This image should help:


Solution to the second-level numbered bullets disappearing in outlook.


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