Data Recovery


Ontrack Data recovery of deleted data, faulty or damaged devices using industry leading solutions to recover data from virtually any storage device. 

Evening Computing is a partner of Ontrack Data Recovery and an authorised reseller of their products and services.


Evening Computing is a partner of Ontrack Data Recovery and an authorised reseller of their products and services.

Utilising a suite of proprietary recovery tools and the most experienced data recovery engineering team in the world, our services are uniquely equipped to solve even the most extreme data loss scenario such as deleted data, faulty or damaged devices.


Building on our core technologies and capabilities, Ontrack also provides solutions for legacy tape, email extraction and data erasure.


Data Recovery Services & Software – Recovering from all types of devices, including hard drives, servers, SSDs, VMWare®, and tapes. No recovery is too small or too complex for the most experienced engineering team in the industry.


Ransomware Response – Our data recovery experts have developed a specialised collection of proprietary tools to recover data encrypted by ransomware.


Server Data Recovery – We recover data from all enterprise-class storage systems, including RAID, NAS, SAN and all forms of virtualization.


Ontrack® PowerControls™ – Allows users to search, recover, and granularly restore data from Microsoft® environments – Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL.


Tape Services – Respond to time-sensitive restore requirements, save on archiving costs, reduce the risk of retaining noncompliant data and keep legacy data accessible.


End-of-Life Data Management – Permanently delete or verify deleted data before becoming vulnerable to exposure.

About Ontrack

Signs that a computer or laptop is likely to experience data loss.


Strange noises or grinding sound, blue screen of death and unresponsiveness.

What to do if your desktop is failing:

      • Turn off the computer immediately - further operation may damage data beyond repair
      • Do not restart computer
      • Do not install or re-install any software
      • Do not shake or disassemble a damaged hard drive - improper handling may cause more damage
      • Do not use file recovery or other utility software to attempt repair for a damaged or failed drive
      • Do not attempt to dry a wet computer
      • Never attempt to operate any visibly damaged devices
      • Contact us immediately


Following these tips will increase the likelihood of data recovery success for your computer or laptop and please invest in a good backup solution to be protected from data loss, including deletion, reformatting, electronics failure, physical damage, water or fire damage, viruses, corruption and much more.

How much will it cost?

A typical cost to recover data from a hard drive is from around £400 to £1,500 because all data recovery jobs are unique.  For that reason we offer free of charge a courier collection of the device and an assesment of the device with a written report providing a cost to recover the data. 


If for some reason you prefer not to use our secure and free courier service, to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery of your data; please protect your media during shipment. Since drive components are extremely delicate, any jarring of the hardware can cause additional damage and make the recovery more difficult than necessary.


What determines the total cost?

Many factors, for example:  Was the device damaged by water?  How much is the storage capacity of the device? Is the drive “encrypted“?  And, does the drive have a USB port built into the PCB instead of the typical SATA or IDE? 


In short, the cost of recovery depends on the type of storage, the type of damage or fault of the storage, the replacement parts and amount of work required to recover the data.


Please call us to review your specific data failure case.

How long will it take?

It usually takes about 6 working days if you do not require the priority service. 

Do you recover data only from computers and laptop?  No, we provide all these types of data recovery:


Apple Recovery
CCTV Recovery
Cloud Recovery
Damaged Device Recovery
Desktop Recovery
Enterprise Recovery
Hard Drive Recovery
Laptop Recovery
Memory Card Recovery
Mobile Phone Recovery
NAS Recovery
RAID Recovery
Ransomware Recovery
Server Recovery
SSD Recovery
Tape Recovery
Virtualized System Recovery

The list below highlights just a few examples of recoverable data sources:

How will you return the recovered data to me?

We return your data with a new hard drive.  Your data will be delivered with a secured encryption to protect all your data. 

To discuss your business requirements, please contact us on +44 (0) 7815 105782. Alternatively, please request a callback and we will be in touch ASAP.

Evening Computing is a partner of Ontrack Data Recovery and an authorised reseller of their products and services.