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This page explains how we can help you with our IT Support services


Please note that the prices and services displayed on this page are subject to change. 

Our special offers are limited time promotions.


IT Support Contracts


We have a tried and trusted process to implement, maintain and manage infrastructure environments.

A Set Hours Retainer Contract to control your expenditure.

Unlimited Support & Maintenance Contracts.

A Service Level Agreement or SLA with a 4 hour reponse time. 

Proactive Network & Server Maintenance including implementing any of our cloud backup solutions.

Remote Support

Onsite Support when necessary or as agreed on the contract.

To discuss your business requirements, contact us on +44 (0) 7815 105782.  Alternatively, request a callback and we will contact you promptly.


IT Support – our Pay As You Go Service explained.


We work on a No Fix - No Fee basis.  We accept cash payments, bank transfers or Paypal.

When we look at value, based on our experience; we feel that using "break-fix" or pay as you go is not the best solution for many customers.  Hence most of the services we provide relate to customers using our monthly retainer.


Using a “pay as you go” model an IT services company has no incentive to maintain a computer network or to resolve problems quickly because payment is by the hour.  Therefore, the risk of unforeseen circumstances, scope creep, learning curve inefficiencies and outright incompetence are all shifted onto the customer.  Essentially, the more problems the customers have, the more the IT firm profits, which is precisely what you do not want.


One point that is very often missed when deciding on a Pay As You Go service is the Service Level Agreement or SLA.  With the Pay As You Go service there is no SLA and that can be expensive for most businesses that need to get their services restored as fast as possible because disruptions are costly.  


Once we review your requirements, you can download and install Splashtop Streamer on your computer to allow Evening Computing to remotely access your computer and work with you in resolving the issue.  Here is the link:


The link below is for the SOS Splashtop product.  Please follow the link to download and run the small SOS Splashtop app. No installation needed.


To discuss your business requirements, please contact us on +44 (0) 7815 105782.  Alternatively, please request a callback and we will contact you promptly. 


Please review the areas in which we work by clicking this link: 

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